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a Korean English Translator & Copywriter in Seoul.

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I'm a Korean-English Translator & Copywriter. I have been working in the translation industry since August 2012.

My subjects of specialization include Marketing, Legal, Medical, and IT.

If you need a transcreation service, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I'm running my Online translation courses (로라의 번역 수업).

Certified Network PRO

About Me
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Commercials, Website, Brochures, News letters,

Press release.

You can find a fluent translation as well as a natural tone depends on your material.

It will help you convey your message in South Korea market.

If you think your business is fairly valuable or important, you need to consider this transcreation service.
With the transcreation service, your customers will find comfortable and have confidence in your business.
Because careful consideration for the customer is essential to be successful in your business.

Softwares, websites, products and services localization.

I will help your localization process effectively and accurately.

Contents creation

/ Storytelling

Interpretation service

I love writing and making stories or

telling my stories. If your target customers are Korean 30's women,

I can help you tellingly because I'm

a Korean woman in my mid of 30s.

If you need detailed and emotional stories, you have got the right person. Please refer to my blog in Korean. About 10 years I have worked as a graphic designer who had a keen interest in the design.
I love : arts, music, movies, soap operas, books, poets, writing and observing people.


I have been receiving interpretation inquiries a lot since I started my translator journey, but I hesitated to start this service. Now I would like to offer my interpretation service. I have been preparing for the interpretation service for many years.

Let's Talk


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