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Yesterday I've got an email it said that my copywriter pool profile was activated. Yeah! Now is introducing different services and if you want to find a service provider in specific field, for instance, localization or copywriter, you will find some experts easier than before. Do you need a transcreation service for your services and products? Why don't you use the pool service? #EnglishintoKoreanTranslation, #영한번역, #한영번역, #KoreanTranslator, #EnglishintoKoreanTranscreator, #한국어번역 #prozcom #copywriter #easyandcomfortabletranscreation #EnglishKoreanTranscreation #Koreancopywriter #KoreanintoEnglishtranslation #marketingtranslation #EnglishintoKoreanmarketingtranslation

New episode- 178 한계를 극복하다 Push the envelope

New episode updated! #178. 한계를 극복하다. #EnglishintoKoreanTranslation, #영한번역, #한영번역, #KoreanTranslator, #EnglishintoKoreanTranscreator, #한국어번역

Alison, Free online courses

This is my dashboard of online courses. I'm studying topic such as English language, Health Studies, Clinical Nursing Skills, and Cardiovascular Systems courses. Many interesting courses are waiting for anyone interested in free education opportunities. My sincere thanks to Alison for giving me to take online courses for free. I love writing so much, and I'm hopeful it helps me further my writing skills. Since I finish my work, I will get straight back to this course. Today is very cold, so it is nice to be at home learning something new. #EnglishintoKoreanTranslation, #영한번역, #한영번역, #KoreanTranslator, #EnglishintoKoreanTranscreator, #한국어번역 #alison #onlinecourses #Englishlanguageand

Beginning online English and literature course in Alison

I've decided to take an English and literature online course in Alison. Finally, I clicked the start now button and it doesn't seem to difficult so far. I'm standing at a very beginning stage. Starting online course in Alison was not easy because I heard it is a little bit of hard to get a certification. But I clicked the button and then I will know the level of difficulty to get a certification. We need an extra time and space to try to start a something new. If we always stay familiar places, we cannot try to do new things. Because we are surrounding many to-do lists. 앨리슨에서 온라인 영문학 과정을 시작했다. 마침내 지금 시작하기 버튼을 클릭했다. 지금까지는 어려워 보이지 않는다. 아주 첫 관문에 서있으니 말이다. 앨리슨은 인증서를 얻기가 쉽지 않다고 들어서, 온라인

설날이 다가오네요.

2018년의 설은 2월 16일이네요. 설 연휴가 3일 이상이어서 다행이에요. 저는 이번 설에는 여행을 가거나 하는 특별한 계획은 없고 가족들과 함께 보낼 생각이죠. 남동생 부부가 집에 와서 함께 저녁식사를 준비하고, 진수성찬을 나눠먹을 것 같아요. 설날은 미국의 추수감사절과 비슷한 분위기예요. 가족들은 이것저것 장을 보고 잔치 음식을 준비하면서, 손님을 맞이할 준비를 해요. 제가 어렸을 때에는 명절이 참 좋았었죠. 장난꾸러기 사촌 녀석들도 볼 수 있고, 함께 놀고 돌아오면, 집안 가득 맛있는 음식 냄새로 과일과 맛있는 음식을 마음껏 먹을 수 있었어요. 점점 사촌들도 성인이 되고 친척들의 왕래도 줄어들게 되죠. 제사를 준비하느라 허리가 휘는 엄마를 보면 신나던 마음이 좀 수그러들기도 했어요. 이제는 더 이상 제사를 지내지 않아요. 대신 추도 예배를 한답니다. 그래도 어차피 음식을 준비해야 해요. 오랜만에 모인 가족들과 즐거운 식사를 위해서 맛있는 음식을 준비해서 먹고, 남은 음식을 나눠주기도 합니다. 설날의 풍경은 각 가정마다 다르겠죠. 미국의 추수감사절과 성탄절 저녁 식사 풍경이 집집마다 다르듯 말이에요. 이번 설날에는 멍하니 가족들 끼지 모여서 티브이를 보는 것보다, 재미있는 보드게임을 하나 사려고 해요. 분명 머쓱해서 게임을 하지 않으려고 할 테니까, 상품을 준비하려고요. 상품권을 걸고 게임을 시작하면 모두

Catalyzing Growth and Revenue Opportunities With Content Localization Catalyzing Growth and Revenue Opportunities With Content Localization Companies active in multiple geographic markets understand the many benefits localized content can deliver, but not all know how to best leverage this powerful competitive differentiator More than 80% of those surveyed said that content localization is essential to entering new markets, and that this activity is becoming increasingly important to their businesses. Still required, of course, is the need to translate and localize content for prospective and existing customers in each individual market. And, with many companies attempting to push rapidly into more countries, inefficient content localization

Glossary of Common Site Terms

<> Accepts healthy volunteers A type of eligibility criteria that indicates whether people who do not have the condition/disease being studied can participate in that clinical study. Active comparator arm An arm type in which a group of participants receives an intervention/treatment considered to be effective (or active) by health care providers. Adverse event An unfavorable change in the health of a participant, including abnormal laboratory findings, that happens during a clinical study or within a certain amount of time after the study has ended. This change may or may not be caused by the intervention/treatment being studied. Age or a

Glossary of Clinical Trial Terms

ADVERSE REACTION: (Adverse Event): Also known as side effects, adverse reactions include any undesired actions or effects of the experimental drug or treatment. Experimental treatments must be evaluated for both immediate and long-term side effects. APPROVAL: A drug, device or biologic must be approved by a country’s regulatory agency before it can be marketed. The approval process involves several steps including pre-clinical (animal) studies, clinical trials for safety and efficacy, filing of a New Drug Application (NDA) in the United States or Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) in Europe by the manufacturer, regulatory agency review of the application, and agency approval/rejection

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