How different are translation and localization?

General translation and localization are quite different. Let me explain how these are different and how it would affect to your target readers. The following are excerpt from some management application website. I would like to compare these two translation types together. < Example of General translation > Server Monitoring at Any Scale See metrics from all your apps, tools, and services in one place, in real-time. Start your trial today, create a dashboard, and we’ll send you a free Datadog t-shirt! 모든 규모에서 서버 모니터링 한 곳에서, 실시간으로, 귀하의 모든 애플리케이션과 도구 및 서비스에서 메트릭을 확인하세요. 오늘 시험판을 시작하시고, 대시보드를 만드세요. 저희가 무료 Datadog 티셔츠를 보내드릴 것입니다. < Example of localization > Server Monitoring at Any Scale See me

Result of Translation Quality Assessment

Today one of my client sent me a review result of my previous translation task. It processed by an independent party and my result was "very good". There are several review standards, such as accuracy, consistency, mistranslation and fluency. My translation quality rated as "very good" and I'm happy with the result. Hooray. #EnglishintoKoreanTranslation, #영한번역, #한영번역, #KoreanTranslator, #EnglishintoKoreanTranscreator, #한국어번역 #QualityEnglihKoreanTranslation #EnglishintoKoreanmarketingtranslation #Koreancopywriter #KoreanintoEnglishtranslation #EnglishintoKoreanTranslation

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