TED talk, Korean subtitle by MISEON LEE

Finally I can share my Korean subtitle for TED talk, which is A memory scientist's advice on reporting harassment and discrimination. I was waiting an approval from TED review team about three weeks and I just got an approval message. What do you think if you are being a victim of harassment or discrimination? It happens in everyday our life. Julia Shaw, the memory scientist, offers an effective way. Let's just get into it. #Koreantranslationservices #koreanlanguagetranslateinenglish #languagetranslator #koreanlanguagetranslation #languagetranslationservices #medicaltranslationservice #Koreanmedicaltranslator

Ted talk subtitle- A memory scientist's advice on reporting harassment and discrimination

About two weeks ago, I finished some Ted talk subtitle and it is waiting for approval. I got an insight into how to deal with the discrimination and harassment in the workplace. If you have interested in this issue, you want to see this Ted talk video. I hope ted team will approve my subtitle as soon as possible so that I can share this video with my friend and family soon. #tedtalksubtitle #tedtalk #테드자막번역 #테드

Let's start learning new!

I have been studying on Diabetes mellitus and it leads me to learn something new. I just took a course in Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials by Johns Hopkins University. I hope this course will help me to translate Clinical Trials documents. Let's start learning new! #diabetesmellitus #diabetes #clinicaltrials #임상시험번역 #임상시험

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