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Get up with a tired body and go to hell

Get out of the commute life,

do your favorite translation

Would you like to live freely?

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The translation industry is growing by 10% annuallydoing

2021$990 million

(Approximately KRW 1 trillion)market sizesecond

I'm bragging.


very few translatorsgo

High translation fee and good conditionssecond

holding in hand

leisurely lifelive on.



How to properly deal with overseas customerssecond

Because you know.



favorite thingwhile doing

freedomspend time wisely,

Better translation rates and opportunitieshow to catch

all openis.

Raising translation fees and living a more leisurely lifesecond

do you want to live

Opportunity to Raise the Ransomcast

Don't you want to catch it?

dripping day by dayworry about translation feesAre you?

in fierce competitionviable

special moveDo you have



How to raise translation fees and increase work

Don't know yet?

as soon asTransactions with Overseas CustomersYou can do it.



as a triflePin money profitonly

are you doing

All dayEven if it is difficult to translate

no money to saveyo. this?


Read this book.

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When the translators around you are just waiting for a job

I amchoose your favorite projectJust imagine.

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as hard workhefty translation feegetting

travel for relaxationImagine leaving


mydouble the ransomRaise more than

get a better jobJust imagine.


work lessthe time leftSelf-developmentRaise the ransom with

Even if you work less, you will receive a higher translation fee.Just imagine.




It's reality.

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when you wake upmultiple translationsthis

email box fullI have a car.

Among them

Conditions are good and interesting projectonly

choose answerdo.

제목 없는 디자인 (5).gif

When a project is awarded

convenient time and placeat

handle the translation

After work, go get some fresh air



of course

If there is a translation deadline or urgent matter

I am busy and sometimes work late.

But I do it because I want to

It's fun, so it's more zealous.


as time goes byransom price goes up

more free timewhile enjoying

was able to translate

Transactions with Overseas CustomersThis is a result.

your strengthsthere will be

show you to overseas customers

We will help you seize your chance.

Find out the secret in this book.

3 e-books

What if you become a translator who transacts in the overseas market?

10년 차 프리랜스 번역가 딱 하나만 생존 비결을 꼽는다면.png
10년 차 프리랜스 번역가 딱 하나만 생존 비결을 꼽는다면 (1).png
10년 차 프리랜스 번역가 딱 하나만 생존 비결을 꼽는다면 (2).png

Laura's Translation Classoperated by

Testimonials from technical translation class studentsCheck out

Satisfaction with the course is very high.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.    I am a beginner translator.

I made it. But there is no response from the customer.

Will this e-book help?


answer1.   If there is no answer from the customerProblems with English Resumehas my careerhave a problem withProblems with my translation skillsthere will be

Keep training your translation skillsYou can do, and the wrong part of the English resume is

You can fix it.

this ebookunderstand english resumedo

How to create a resume that highlights your strengthslet me know

Translation experience starts todayYou can make it.

[How to become a translator without experience] Check out the lectureand start today.



Question 2.   I am an aspiring translator, but the contents of the e-book

can you help me?


Answer 2.  of course. firstContinuing translation trainingIf you promise to do it, it will help 200%.

If your translation skills are ready, this e-book will give you wings to fly.

I'll do it. firstTranslation training at the same timedoMuch more should be invested in translation trainingdo.



Question 3.    Experienced translator, but the work is not good

I don't. Will this e-book really increase the sense of work?


Answer 3.   What we are aiming for

These are clients who pay high translation fees and bring many opportunities.

They are still looking for a translator today.offer bad terms

Don't do business with customers.

Translators' careers are only to reach good customers

An attempt to increase work by learningTry it.

rather than waitingMore likely to get a jobwon't it support?



Question 4.    I have worked with an overseas customer, and the translation fee is

Did you weave it?


Answer 4.   Not all overseas customers offer good conditions.

The overseas customers I'm talking about are not those people.

Overseas customers who take a lot of commission from the middle to the subcontract structure

There's not much good about trading.

What we are aiming forPay high translation fees and get many opportunities

customers to bringsays

They are still looking for a translator today.

Don't do business with customers who offer bad terms.

Translators' careers are only shortened.



Question 5.  Real foreign companies are provided by domestic companies.

Is it twice the translation fee?


Answer 5.  All experienced translators know this.

You don't want this kind of information to spread widely. competitor only

because it increases

steadily over the past 10 yearsWe receive translation proposals from internal and external companies, but it hasn't changed much.

The price of domestic companies is still half of that of foreign see.



Question 6.  Is an English resume that important?


Answer 6.   English resume with my clientplace for blind dateIt's like

If you don't like the first impression, you won't be able to apply for after sales, right?

Your resume in English should give the impression that you are what customers are looking for.

An English resume is really important for a translator.



Question 7. Profile

I made it If you use this instead of your English resume

it can not?


Answer 7.   When a customer finds a translator they like on Proz,

Do you know what the first request is?

Ask the translator to send you an English CV. I have a project like this

If you would like to apply, we ask you to send us your CV in English.

A profile is like a summary of a resume in English. You should basically prepare your resume in English.



Question 8.   There are many business email books, what's different about them?


Answer 8.   If you already have a business email bookTake a look.

Emails to share between translators and clients as they work on translation projects

Please check if there is any content.

There won't be much useful content. Translators and translation agency PMs

A relationship is like a partner. The conversation that takes place while working on a project in partnership has a slightly different style.

There are separate conversations depending on the progress of the translation project.

I haven't seen a book that deals with this stuff yet.

this ebookTranslator custom business email contentis dealing with



Question 9.   Do I need to do business with overseas customers?


Answer 9.  That's the translator's choice.

Working the same 8 hours a day and working with domestic companiesI'm 150,000 wonsecond

under400,000 won for translators dealing with overseas clientsHow would you feel if you received

If you're smart enough, you'd want to charge a higher translation fee.



Question 10.    When can I receive the e-book?


Answer 10.   If you purchase an early bird e-book, you will receive a 50% discount.

The e-book will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in advance on April 20th.

Design (4).png

In fact, while dealing with overseas customers,

How to get a lot of translation fees and enjoy good opportunities


10 years experiencewhile building

Learning how to deal with overseas customersIt's possible.

But surely everyone is 10Will I have to suffer for years?

direct trial and arrivalsuffering through ups and downswho likes to do

BooksFinding information by reading several bookswho likes

I recommend not buying this book.

To obtain the information contained in this e-book

Minimum 5-8 yearsthe time ofhardshipdo

trial and errorYou can tryis.

14600 hours minimumsecondinvest in sufferingYou can do it.

What is covered in this e-book

Information not found in commercially available booksno see.

There may be similar

There is no custom information for translators.

on the market211 books on translationclass

256 Business Email Booksand15 English Resume Booksonly

You can read it.

If you only read a total of 482 books,It's possible.


However, if you were going to read all 482 books and 14,600 hours of trial and error,

Aren't you reading this?

I think your wise choice will be different.

this3 eBooksby

Cost to purchase 482 paper booksclass

to suffer through trial and error14,600 hours savedHaseyo. this.

One book 15,000 won x 482 books =Total KRW 7,230,000

will sufferWorth 146,000 HoursIf you add ?

How much?!!!

If you are not satisfied with this eBook

Full refund within 14 days.

I'm more excited about translating tomorrow

I hope you look forward to it!

if you want

Pick up this e-book now.


translation is fun

Translator's future is bright to do

Get ready now!

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얼리버드 3종 목차_로라의 번역 수업 (2).jpg
얼리버드 3종 목차_로라의 번역 수업 (3).jpg
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[Early Bird Special] 3 types of e-books targeting overseas customers


 For overseas payments

 We will send you a PayPal payment link.

 to the email belowwant to buy

 Name of eBookPlease write it down and send it.

 Foreign payment inquiries efupeeg(a)

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