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A summer vacation- the sea, the juice, and me.

“Do you remember when you were last happiest?”

My friend asked me this during a recent chat.

Let me think for a moment. Well … Maybe when I was drinking an excellent coffee?

Or when I was watching my favorite drama? Or how I felt slender after I finished working out?

That’s not enough. I should find a happier time in my life.

Ah, I am recalling memory from my last summer vacation in Danang, Vietnam.

The fact that the happiest time of in my most recent life was one year ago made me a little gloomy.

At that time, I was laying on the old sun bed, watching the empty, bright blue-sea. The turquoise sea washed against the shore, and a fresh breeze cooled off the beach in the hot sun. I was listening to some music, but I took off my earphones and then listened the wind howl.

I felt that as if there was only the sea, the sand, the wind, some watermelon juice and me. The day was a perfect day for a sea bath.

Do you remember when you were last happiest?

Two weeks from now I’m going on a vacation from April 30th to May 4th.

I will enjoy plenty of free time without a long to-do list. I might write an article that I’ve been putting off.

Before I leave for my vacation, I should study hard for my midterm exam at CUFS and address my translation tasks.

I look forward to my trip, imagining I will be walking around the beach or watching a beautiful sunset with a glass of mango juice in hand.

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