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There's no a rough draft translation.

There's no a rough draft translation.

All of the translation is a practical outcome.

I cannot imagine that I will complete my translation project with a rough draft translation. Because it may take me more time to figure out and re-translate the rough draft translation.

There are 4 steps of doing translations.

Step 1:Conduct background checks

Step 2:Read carefully through the original text.

Step 3:Start translation work

Step 4:Proofreading and revise

All translator have a different way of thinking and information process method.

If you get a draft translation, you need to re-translate and revise it.

What an inconvenient process to do translation work!

Don't let that deceive you. If you are a prospective translator or finding some translation agency for your business, there's no a rough draft translation service. That's lie.

We all know that we cannot expect a high quality of output from newbie translators who are involved in the draft translation.

Also, I don't think anybody wants to be used their important documents for practice.

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