My first English textbook is just around the corner!

My first English textbook is just around the corner!

Since May 2016, I've been running a podcast for English learner it called

쉬운영어(Easy English). It has been played more than 148,000 times on Podcast and Podppang.

Thank you for your patient and listening my podcast.

My subscribers has long waited this book.

Because af first I didn't have any plan to release my English textbook. I thought they, my subscribers, don't need to buy my book and it's enough to listening my Podcast to study English. But sometimes I've received emails that inquire about the release date for my English textbook.

Finally, the textbook was done. I'm waiting a sample to proofread and adjust colors.

It's really exciting experience to publish my book.

I think I will sell the book via crowdfunding.

Thanks to all of my subscribers, my family and GOD.

If you need more information of 쉬운영어(EasyEnlgish by Laura), please visit the following link. podbbang or itunes.

#Englishtextbook #쉬운영어교재 #쉬운영어 #MyfirstEnglishtextbook

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