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How to overcome the fear

I've learned a high level of swimming.

But I feel I have a phobia of water

If you say you've learned the high level of swimming in Korea, it means you can swim the butterfly stroke and you are considered an expert swimmer.

A few months ago, I traveled philippine and did snorkeling but I couldn't swim further and enjoy freely.

I knew my body will be floating if I had taken off my life jacket while I was snorkeling.

It feels like my body will sink under the water and I felt stiff.

I had to stay composed while I was swimming. It's kind of awkward snorkeling.

Why did I tell you this?

I'm working as a translator and studying interpretation and I've been learning English for over ten years.

I spent more time memorizing many sentences of English rather than speaking English nowadays.

Once I tried to speak English, I was scared stiff. Where the fears come from? Are the fears begin from an unfamiliar feeling?

Why do I feel this kind of phobia?

I don't know where it comes from but I know how to overcome fear.

The only way to overcome fear is faced with the fear.

If you getting scared to speak English, you should try to speak English.

That's why I'm chatting with my voice recorder now.

Do you have any phobia?

If so look at your fears right in the face.

Thank you for your listening.

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