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Look at the new quick poll on!

Today early in the morning I've got an email from

What I have suggested quick poll was approved! And she is right there at the first screen.

I feel little bit sorry about the result. It looks like there is a general phenomenon declining translation rate. What do you say?

If you feel want to know more about that, you can click the Discuss.

There was interesting insight on the phenomenon and the result.

Let's check it out!

"In my observation over the past decade, I believe that many of the bottom-feeders have gone out of business. I have little trouble keeping busy at my rates, generally a little higher than the market average, and some direct clients are happy to pay much more than market average. So, no, I don't agree that translation rates are declining in general. On the other hand, I think there is a general demand for better quality." - John Fossey

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