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What is localization and why you need it?

Are you exploring finding effective ways to approach your target customer?

Are you considering a localization service?

Are you planing to enter South Korea market?

Do you have a special differentiation strategy?

Do you want to reassure your overseas customers?

The answer to all these questions is providing a proper localization service.

A key factor of the localization is talking the same language with your customers.

You can make good friends with your customers, if you find what they eat, drink, prefer or seek and what are they struggling with thesedays.

Find and choose your right localization provider or transcreator.

If you want to find a right localization provider for Korean market, please make sure that requirements below:

- Native Korean

- Located in South Korea

- Using standard language

- If they use SNS or not

- If they have a website

- If they are match up with your target customer (If possible)

Someone who fluent in Korean can translate or offer a localization service for your website with a lower price, but they cannot assure an effective localization service.

If you are not affordable to have a Korean linguist for reviewing localization results, you need to back translate the localized materials.

After your localization process, if you don't find there is not enough traffic from your target customer, you should check that the localization is working or not.

Review your website or localized materials by a right Korean linguist.

You can find yourself a right Korean linguist via

They also provide a certified transcreator list as well.

Ultimately, if you can get a Korean copywriting service, it would be perfect for your localization strategy. In this case, you can consider Korean copywriters who is a native Korean as well.

If you are not secured enough funds to marketing process, at least you need to carefully pay attention to your marketing translation.

Don't forget your enough investments will lead to increasing sales of your services or products.

A right linguist will help your business overseas to thrive.

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