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Interpretation service

Sometimes I used to receive requests for interpretation. But I declined the offers because I thought I needed more training and practice.

Finally I have began my interpretation job.

As you know, having a conversation with foreigner is one thing and offering interpretation service is another. I spent a lot of time having a conversation with foreign people about variety of topics, including marketing, political, cultural, environmental and etc., subjects.

My first official interpretation was related to labor laws.

I needed to interpret up to three people, sometimes they spoke at the same time. There were many of legal terminology and among them, some was the first time I ever heard it. It continued for three hours and after conciliation of dispute finished I was exhausted. It was chaos but I think it was great experience for me.

Lastly, what I have learned from the case was evidence is the key to win any dispute or case. Don't forget to leave circumstantial evidence if you think you are mistreated.

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