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Just launched online courses

Hey, guys! Morning morning!

How's everything going? I'm pretty good.

Today I have thrilling news that I just launched online courses for March.

There are two courses for English-Korean translators, and these are all Korean version lectures.

All I'm talking about in these courses is technical translation, mainly Information Technology translation and Marketing translation.

These eight-week courses include assignments that help you to improve technical translation skills.

After receiving my feedback on your assignments, you can identify your strengths or weaknesses.

I believe that these courses provide practical and valuable teaching for prospective translators.

Boom! I already have students taking these online courses.

I can't wait to meet my students and provide informative classes.

Please see the details below.


안녕하세요? 번역가 로라입니다.

3월 개강 기술번역반 모집을 시작했어요.

영한 기술번역반 초급, 중급반을 모집해요.

2기 수강 신청해주신 분들 감사합니다.

상황에 따라 조기 마감될 수 있어요.

3기부터 수강료가 60만원으로 조정됩니다.

기술번역반을 수강하면 좋은 점을 아래 영상에서 소개했어요.


3월 기술번역반에서 만나요!


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