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기술 번역 3~4시간으로 배울 수 있을까요?

기술 번역 제대로 배우려면 

이 강의를 선택하세요.

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8월 기술 번역반 이렇게 달라졌어요!


  1. 과제물 본문 완전 교체

      번역 과제물 본문이 완전히 바뀌었어요.

  2. 번역 과제물 4회 제출 (총 800단어)

      더 꼼꼼한 피드백을 제공해 드려요.

  3. 그룹 피드백 도입!

공통 피드백으로 번역 문제 진단 받고

개선 방향을 안내 받으세요.

​(일대일 피드백 서비스 종료)

  4. 보너스 상품 구성이 달라졌어요!

      아래 설명에서 자세한 내용을 확인해 보세요.


나도 번역가 주인공을 찾아라!

약 6백만 원+ 알파 혜택

로라의 총 6회 일대일 컨설팅을 받으실

주인공을 찾아요.




주인공 맞춤형 진단 및 설루션 제공

총 6주 간 설루션과 후속 피드백 제공


매주 1회 컨설팅 이메일 보내 드림 →

일주일간 과제 수행 →

후속 피드백 제공+추가 설루션 제공 (반복)



컨설팅 내용:

현재 상황 진단

영문 이력서 검수

프로즈닷컴 프로필 검수

링크드인 프로필 검수

비즈니스 이메일 스타일 검수

주인공 맞춤형 일감 찾는 법 안내



신청 방법:

8월 기술 번역반 수강하

도 번역가 지원하기




8월 기술 번역반 수강생

6주간 과제와 설루션을 성실히 실천하실 분

컨설팅 과정 공개 동의(개인정보 비공개)

컨설팅 설문지와 후기 작성



주인공 발표일:

8월 7일 (월)  오전 9시


주인공은 1명

선정되지 않은 수강생에게

컨설팅 과정을 공유해 드립니다

(주인공 개인 정보 비공개).

Technical Translation Strategy Class

 Laura, freelance technical translator with 10 years of experience / Korean-English to English-Korean translation / Medical, legal, IT, marketing translation

Technical translation is a lucrative field of translation.

새 프로젝트 (1) (1).png

There are also literary translations and video translations.

💸Making money is, of course, technical translationcan't follow

Even if you don't have much imagination or literary writing skills

worth a tryIt's a field.

📝 Of course, you need the ability to write well-read.

💖Technical translation is attractive in its own rightno see.

새 프로젝트 (3).png

moneybecomethe magic of translationcan feel

The translation is also out of orderTranslator satisfaction is highyo. this.

🙋‍♀️As your career progresses,develop a specialtybecause

choose the job you wantYou can get it.

👩‍🔬If you find your specialtyIt is easy to raise the pricedo.

It is really difficult to raise the ransom in the translation industry.

why, then what to do

Learn from this lesson.

🎉It's good if people like this take the course!🎊

새 프로젝트 (1).png

Have you heard that you speak English?

Ignoring the amount of time and money spent on studying English.

Rumor has it that you speak some English.

Is there anything I can use this for? Have you thought about this?

Use your hard-earned English skills for English-Korean translation.

Those who want to work as a translator

I have a separate job and my English is good

You want to use it for translation?

I'm working in my own specialized field, but I'm making use of my career.

Do you want to do a translation job?

Studying translation in my free time

Would you like to get a job?

This course is just for you.

Aspiring translators who want to receive translation work

I study translation and distribute resumes.

Are you having a hard time getting a job?

There seems to be a problem, but what's the problem?

You don't know?

This lecture addresses that problem.


Beginning translators who want to get a decent job

I got a small job.

Do you want to get a decent job now?

You know what the problem is, but you don't know how to fix it?

Laura, a freelance technical translator with 10 years of experience

The solution is presented in this lesson.

돈 되는 기술 번역 공략반_초급_직사각.jpg

💃 What you will learn in this class

🪅 Translation theory class (50 minutes)

for aspiring translatorsClasses that build confidenceno see.

Basic terms and concepts used in the translation industrywill learn.

if you know thisTranslator's shoulder padis going up

If you don't know this, you feel like you have to do what you are told to do.

The difference between the learned and the uneducatedsplitting

You will learn just that.



🪅Translation rate confirmation class (1 hour 5 minutes)

The special secret to getting high translation feeslearn

How beginner translators set translation rates;

How to raise low rates, how to get high translation fees,

The reason for the low translation fee even though the translation quality is good,

How to overcome this situationlearn

🪅Trados Basic Skills Class (1 hour 22 minutes)

How to use Trados, the cat tool most used by technical translatorslearn

There are several functions, but onceFrom the features you can use right away

you will learnPractical!

(macbook operating systemthe tradoscan't useyo. this.

on macbookwindows operating systemTrados if writingavailabledo.)

🪅Test translation practice class (1 hour 47 minutes)

How to pass the translation testwill learn.

what is a translation testRecognition,

to the translation testWhat is the difference between successful people,

Why do I keep fallingwhat's wrong with mecan tell if there is

🪅 Parallel fingerprint search lesson (35 minutes)

Parallel fingerprint search classHeart of Technical TranslationSame as

If you know how to do this, you know how to do technical translation.

If you don't know this, you can't get out of the rookie translator forever.

Technical translators are always translating new topics and

Every time I look for background knowledge and study it.

How to find effective background knowledgeclasseffective way to studyif you learn

improve translation qualitythere is.

🪅IT translation practice (6 hours 40 minutes)

in the field of technical translationThere is a lot of work related to the IT

This is because new technologies are being developed and new products are emerging.

Businesses want to introduce and sell new products.

Even soTranslation in the IT field is quite demanding and

Little is known about how to studyyo. this.

In this class actuallyThe process and flow of translating texts in the IT field The specific order and method of approaching IT translationwill learn.

🪅IT background knowledge, how to find terms (8 minutes)

When translating the IT field

When translation is blocked due to lack of background knowledgearises

At this timehow to solve itlearn

🪅 Marketing translation practice (4 hours 46 minutes)

in the field of technical translationa fountain that never runs dryone of the

as soon asmarketing fieldno see.

Because businesses always have to make money by selling something.

marketing translationOnce you learn it, you can use it for a lifetime.

top secret technologyno see.

Even if only marketing translation is developed into a specialized field,

continue to increase the pricethere is.

butknow how to handle marketing translation properly

Not many translatorsyo. this.

in this classActual translation of marketing textwhile doing

Take a look at the entire translation process and flowyou will see

🎀4Submission of translation assignment + feedback

realwrite a translation assignment withwhile practicing translation

You will discover your translation weaknesses and strengths in assignment feedback.

The amount of assignments can be adjusted by the student.

I am correcting my bad translation habits while receiving feedback

It is a great opportunity to maximize my strengths.



📚 8 weeks, 15 hours of lectures 😘

📝 Submit 4 assignments + provide feedback 😍

important mark.png

To take this course

You can understand the original text in English Upper-intermediate level of English is requireddo.

Early Closing

기술 번역반_ 수업 내용_초급.png
기술번역반 커리큘럼_3.png
그룹 피드백 안내2.png
보충수업_로라의 번역 수업 (1).png

Class price 850,000 won



😘Learn from a translator who has fallen in love with technical translation.

💕I've been you since the beginning, technical translation.

I liked technical translation from the beginning.


🧐Translating a new topic each time

always learning something newI had to.

thanks moreGet smarter and know the world betterIt's done.

🧠intellectual curiosityDo you have

👩‍🔬feeling smartis this good?

💃Play more delicately with Englishdo you want to see

☝️ThenEnglish-Korean technical translation challengeTry it.

💘 IFall in love with technical translationsaw

Learn how to pioneer your field of expertisei did it.

🤩Learn technical translation from someone who loves technical translation.

💌Wouldn't it be different no matter what?

로라의 번역 수업_프로필.jpg


🍉 Watermelon Scramble

A few hours of lecture❌

😲 15 hours of more detailed

Technical translation lecture requiredDid you?

✅ 8 week course

✅ 16hour-long lecture + supplementary lessons

✅ One-on-one assignment feedback!

🪄10 years freelance technical translator

The special know-how learned while surviving is revealed in this class.

🔥A 15-hour lecture containing only steamed know-how

Learn the know-how of a translator for 10 years

One-on-one assignment feedback

Get diagnosed with translation issues too.

🌈 You can receive assignment feedback up to 4 times!

⏰ fees are currently the cheapest due to an increase.


📝 Shall we see an example?

IT translation

👉Original text: A lot of people mix up Metaverse and VR, but there are a few things that make them differentiated.

🙄 Student translation: Most of them use the terms of metaverse and VR interchangeably. However, there are a few differences.

🤩 Edit translation: Usually, the concept of metaverse and virtual reality is confused, but there are several differences that distinguish the two.

marketing translation

👉Original text: Fill your place with amazing sound and enjoy it.

🙄 Student Translation: Fill your space with amazing sound and enjoy.

🤩 Modified translation: Experience the rich sound that fills your own space.

How are you? Can you see the difference? 😘

💌 Get a personalized diagnosis with one-on-one assignment feedback!

베이지색 그림자 오버레이 요소 섬세한 인스타그램 (1).png


🎁 Bonus offers 🎁

myHow to find the customers you want (PDF)



"How to Find the Customers You Want" e-book

Only for technical translation students

Secret know-how revealed!




💸In the technical translation strategy class that makes money

Aspiring translators and novice translators

💰Necessary to get a job on better terms and settle in Get the secret know-how.💕

👩‍💻 Surviving as a freelance technical translator for 10 years

👩‍🔧 We reveal the special know-how accumulated on site here.🥳

돈 되는 기술 번역 공략반_초급.png
기술 번역반_ 수업 내용_초급.png
기술번역반 커리큘럼_3.png
그룹 피드백 안내2.png
기술번역반 후기_03.jpg
기술번역반 후기_0829.jpg
0903 후기.jpg
기술번역반 후기_05.jpg
기술번역반 후기_05.jpg

 This lecture 

 English-Korean technical translation for beginners. 

 that can understand the original text in English 

 An upper-intermediate level of English is required. 

 8-week course, 16 hours in total

 Submit 4 assignments in total

provide feedback 

돈 되는 기술 번역 공략반_초급.png

선착순 마감

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