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Certified PRO Translator                                           

English into Korean Translator

Over 10 years (since Aug 2012)



- Transcreation for Luxurious online fashion mall

   (About 160K words)

- Luxurious products and services translation



- Clinical Study protocol, NSCLC treatment (24K Wds),


- Medical certificates (more 60K Wds) KO > EN

- Medical device manufacturing reports,

  SOP, manufacturing, and packaging orders

  : KO-EN (54K Wds)

- Questionnaire in Clinical protocol (Editing, about 319K Wds)

- Clinical Study Protocol (34K Wds)

- Manual for acne treatment and skin care device

  (11K Wds)



- Claim complaints, legal documents of Class action  (about 201K words)

- Medical device features Patent (26K words)

- U.S Government documents

- Plant Tender document

- GSA(General sales agency) agreement



- SNS message monitoring (KO>EN, about 309K)


- Programming platform Linguistic QA

- AI technology and marketing

- Network Application Localization (417K words)

- Computer software localization LAT



- Raymond Chandler, Long goodbye (120K words)

- Christian teenage identity. 2015

- 나의 코바늘 동물원, 솜씨


A host of 쉬운영어(Easy English) Podcast,

English Lessons Podcast for Korean

(Over 400K plays since the debut in May 2016)



Volunteer Korean teacher for Nepali migrant workers

Every Saturday Night class

(Ansan Onuri church, South Korea, 2014-2015)



Translators without Borders

English-Korean Volunteer translator


BBB Korea, English Volunteer interpreter



#English into Korean Translator,

#Korean Transcreator

We just received your translation for *****.docx. We checked it and everything looked absolutely splendid. Thank you very much!
We look forward to working with you again (and to receiving your invoice) :D
This is to make sure that no one else but you can view the status of your assignments.

Loek van Kooten

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